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AKRYSIL® | acrylic-silicone dispersions

If acrylic-silicone dispersions are required for manufacture of your products, contact us ask for our offer. Once we establish our cooperation, we guarantee an individual approach to your orders. You can also browse further this website to find more details about the AKRYSIL line of our acrylic-silicone dispersions.

Origin of the acrylic-silicone dispersions AKRYSIL

  • Market demand

    Continuously increasing demand for acrylic-silicone dispersions
  • Idea

    D&R gets the idea to create an original and ecological product
  • Design

    A modern laboratory develops a proprietary dispersion recipe
  • Testing

    The product is improved by internal testing
  • Implementation

    AKRYSIL line of the acrylic-silicone dispersions is introduced to the market

Improved procedure
to obtain varied parameters

AKRYSIL – acrylic-silicone dispersions are top quality products. During the process of their manufacture properties of silicone and acrylic binders are merged. As a result we get the product featuring high mechanical resistance (confirmed with wet scrubbing tests), high vapour permeability of surfaces, dirt resistance, hydrophobic properties and resistance to weather conditions. The material was designed to address needs and expectations of our clients.

friendly to the environment

At D&R Dispersions and Resins, we make sure that our production process does not interfere with the environment and that our products are ecological.

APPLICATION Main applications for the acrylic-silicone dispersions are silicone paints and plasters and the silicone plaster mortars. These modern products, due to the fact that they are dirt resistant and extraordinarily durable, are designed, first of all, for external works on structures suffering from the adverse effects of weather conditions.

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